Sunday afternoons free from cfo thoughts

So me and my gal Danielle are enjoying a brief interlude on a Sunday afternoon sans dependents at Mr and Mrs G’s.

It’s attached to our favourite restaurant, a haven of happy memories and today we drink cocktails and listen to gypsy jazz.

I feel like I am sitting in a scene from Chocolat….one of my favourite movies of all time

The music is fab…and the cocktails and simple platter plate superb as well


I’m also thinking of Miss Caitlin 800kms south, in Newcastle, in final preparations for her lead role as Christine in Phantom of the Opera. It’s one of four productions nationally to celebrate 25 years since the launch of this sensational musical.

Caitlin has dreamt of a musical theatre career since, well, it seems she could talk, dance and sing.

Her mum has taped a couple of rehearsals with the orchestra, and come early September we will get the chance to see it live. At the most magnificent historical theatre, the Civic Theatre in Newcastle.

I have listened to the iPhone recordings of her singing “wishing you were here” and “phantom of the opera”. I then listened to the movie soundtrack of the phantom song and the original cast version.

I do say without bias that I won’t be surprised if the world knows a little more of Caitlin after these performances. She is simply spectacular.

I do think my little girl has a chance to realize her lifelong dream. I hope she does. Not many get a chance to do so.


And just to conclude I’m not thinking much of the week ahead, which will be full of cfo type stuff. It’s been a sensational weekend of little man Louie and my gal Danielle