The complexity of the modern family…and not the comedy one

This is a sensational summary of an exceptionally complex relationship issue…thank you for the link to my gal Danielle…

I guess the fact that I am still looking for a solution is better than not…and to avoid giving up in trying to make a connection between all the key relationships in my life…Danielle and my little man Louie together with my two beautiful daughters from my marriage of 24 years.

The scary thing I have come to realise after living what is hopefully not less than half my life (let me think about that, you know what I mean), is I am quite capable of both, that is blind perseverance and on the flipside to giving up. The concern I have is that when I give up, often I never look back…ever.

When I’m riding my board, and I turn my mind away from the possibility of injury to other things that are important to me, I’m not thinking that everything will be roses, I am not that naive. But how do you divide your life in half, and separate your life, when the people that are involved are the most important people in the world to you. Sure, there have been mistakes, corruption of judgment, but am I the only one?? There are three very, very important people in this world today that I would take a bullet for, and those people are my kids. Shortly after that are their mums, the two of them, that I love to bits in very different ways, but it started the same. Does that make sense?

Is it impossible to think that relationships can merge and a form of happiness, some kind of happiness and acceptance can emerge?

I often think about that time, whenever that will be, when it will be too late. When it will be too late to put aside what is important now, in terms of emotions and feelings, but where those emotions and feelings of disappointment, hate, disgust, will all of a sudden evaporate into the sadness of the moment, and then all you have is remorse, regret and a time you will never get back again…and for what.

I would add a photo to this blog story, but it would only make me weep