Artists, Hemingway and Tattoos…

I wake up everyday now thinking I am a writer…I was on a bus tonight and I thought, this must be how Hemingway felt…well hopefully I am not as tormented, and I am far from a writer with talen. But I do like the thought of putting my thoughts to maybe nobody but myself….but I see there are a few people following me, and for that I am grateful, and not at all full of ego, for I am a talentless hack…I think that is the phrase 😉
I got into this caper for I have watched my gal do her blog thing, and then I needed to get a post onto LinkedIn for my CFO/Corporate Advisory activities and word limits forced me to the blogosphere. I will probably keep repeating this as some justification for existence on here this blog, and rarely touch on anything CFOish.
So if you are here to hear some profound words of commerce and experience, sorry to disappoint, but you can always contact the firm and request a meeting 😉
I was rushing to a meeting today, conveniently at Manly and catching up with a friend who I am sure has seen it all, commerce and life, and its a joy to spend time with him.
I saw a side of Manly today that I havent really seen before. Probably because my friend is a passionate manlyite (“I dont live in Sydney Ant, I live in Manly”). We have decided we are committed to going in search of the perfect burger, and perfecting “the Bruce”, which is a drink of magnificence around tequila and ginger beer. My friends name is Bruce and yes he tells me he created it.
For the record our burger today got ratings between 5 something and Bruce gave a 6.75. I thought him generous and a little liberal.
Excuse me, I am pausing to listen to “Born of the Bayou” by CCR. My god what a band. I digress…
Anyway, back to my writing intent. I was rushing down to Circular Quay, and thinking the fast ferry to Manly, as I was already latish and Bruce is a busy man.
I turned right to get my fast ferry ticket, and stopped for a moment. There was an artist with crayons and large sheets and he was working on two. The first was a 3D drawing, although I didnt look at it through either the lense provided, or probably the right angle. It caught my attention for its cleverness and it made me think of my little man Louie. It was a tall ship, sails, and a little boy taking out a section of the frame with water escaping the gap. I thought it clever.
The second drawing was more thought provoking. It was of an angel, a guardian angel, and beneath her two small children, a sister protecting her little brother. Her arm around his shoulders. I was drawn to this drawing. My next tattoo (yes, probably very unCFOish) I have thought for months now will be a depiction of a guardian angel looking over the names of my children which are inked on my left bicep. My ink maestro has designed the image, and I am so looking forward to his work. I havent seen the design yet, but David is amazing and getting inked for me is as much about his genius as my desire to look like I have come from the set of Sons of Anarchy.
I loved this drawing and while in my mad rush, it gave me pause to stop and enjoy this moment. I like to think I rush less now. There was a sign by the artist and part of it said “please stop and ask me questions” or something like that. So I struck up a conversation with Guiseppe. He is from Italy. I told him how his drawing resonated for me, and I spoke to him about my girls, my little man, my gal Danielle and one of my best friends Rob, who happens to be now living in Italy.
Louie of course is named with reference to a part of his heritage, as Danielle is half Italian, on her fathers side. Rob is in love with Italy and one of my happiest thoughts is the thought of seeing him in this place he loves. I hope it happens soon.
Anyway, I struck up a conversation with Guiseppe, and didnt give a moments thought to Bruce. I wanted to enjoy this experience. Guiseppe draws to fund his lifestyle in Oz, but only the donations he receives. When he finishes a drawing he donates the drawing to a charity, and they auction it, and retain the proceeds. He loves to draw. Writing this I weep again. He sits or crouches in one of the most magnificent locations on earth, at least by a city’s standard, and he does something he loves, to help the unknown to him hopefully live a better life. 
This drawing grabbed me, and I asked him if he wouldnt mind if I took a photo. I made it clear I would’nt take his design for my tatt, as it was his creation, but he said he didn’t mind one bit. His drawings were for whomever.
It dawned on me that what I was looking at was, what I wanted for my children. I wanted them to protect each other, to have their arms around each other, and I wanted to believe in something greater looking over them. My children don’t look over each other, the circumstances of life, and I am not sure there is any greater being looking over them.
So I went off to meet with Bruce and I realised that if I knew where I was going, I would have turned left and not right, and I would never have met Guiseppe. I dont think I will ever forget Guiseppe, and as I walked away I said to him “Thank you Guiseppe, I hope to meet you again one day”
What has this got to do with CFOing…absolutely nothing, but I am a CFO and these are my musings
“Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income” Ecclesiastes 5:10