Careers, fatherly advice and all that is wrong in the world

I had dinner with my daughter tonight, she is in Grade 10 and we discussed her subject choices for the HSC and it got me thinking about my own choices back then and the path of my career. They say you should pursue what you are passionate about. Maybe its older age, and people do say I can be an angry “Ant”, but I often think of what a career of advocacy could have been. To channel passion in a different direction than purely one of a commercial pursuit, but still linked. I have followed with different degrees of emotion some recent examples of what I have grown to detest about the capitalist side of our world. I have read about the CBA financial planning division, the lack of action by ASIC, and the lives of especially the elderly destroyed not only financially but with great sacrifice to their health, and no doubt the loss of spirit that would come from such disappointment. My anger builds every time I read about Sunland, Dubai and what has occurred with Matt Joyce and some others. Sure, there must be many elements to the truth in this case, but I suspect we are seeing much of the facts coming out and it repulses me. Often justice seems such an elusive outcome, but for the advocates out there who fight the injustices of the world, I tip my hat to you…whatever career form you might have taken….my girl has the heart and soul to make a difference to the lives of others, maybe I should shine a light on this concept of advocacy for her and less on something more traditional, like investment banking 😉