The simple pleasures…

Keeping to blog title I woke up this morning and had to attend a business meeting…there could be worse things on a Saturday morning than venturing to a food institution, especially for breakfast (Bills at Woollahra). The meeting finished with a flurry of excitement, commitment of startup capital usually has that effect but the chilli fried egg on spinach and brioche was fabulous.

Why this is about the simple pleasures was what happened afterwards.

I moved to Sydney in 1997 as a “drive in/drive out” with the drive out element back to Newcastle, the city of my birth.

When my family moved down permanently in 2001, in hindsight it now seems like a mad rush to get into the zone of life on the upper north shore. Expensive rent, then expensive mortgage, then expensive schools etc etc. I am sure there is sympathy from many that have seen it all as well, that may or may not read this blog.

But today, cruising around in North Sydney on my skateboard (I live here when I am not in Brisbane, in our one bedder “Sydney Saloon”), I stumbled on some joys and gems of Sydney that after years of “living” I had no idea existed…

From a few visits, I have loved spending some time at the foreshore of Lavendar Bay, and my real introduction was with my girl Danielle, and our little man Louie, a month ago.

This time, without any pre-planning, I set off. I am getting more bold and brave with my board (probably a very bad thing), and found myself behind Blue Street at Royal Art Society Gallery. 

Then, I went down some steps, and into an oasis of harbourside park land that was simply beautiful. I was later told by Bruce and Jo that they were sure it was or had been attended to in a very generous way by a local artist. It was the sort of place you could relax in for hours. The sort of park that is in the closing scene of Notting Hill. Where you can sit on a bench and read a book, preferably with one’s love, and the world would be bliss or even lush.

Neither of these two things of complete enjoyment cost a dime, or a five cent piece. They were free. Around the most sensational harbour in the world. And I was happy.

The simple pleasures….ImageImageImageImageImage